aproposIn 2014, So’ dared to go to Paris to make her dream true: to become an Actress. She didn’t go to 3 years ago, So’ dared to go to Paris to make her dream come true and become an Actress. She has grown up in the artistic world and did not choose Paris by chance… Since childhood, she overcame shyness and she cultivated her originality thanks to her “joie-de-vivre” and her laughter. In her teenage years, she fell in love with theater while practicing during summer trainings in Rhône-Alpes, where she also discovered magic tricks and circus world.

The first character she played was Lorel, in a historical reconstitution: the invention of cinema by the Lumiere brothers.
In high school, she naturally took some theater courses, where she discovered its more theoritical aspects. Meanwhile, she improved her self–confidence.
Later in Auvergne, She joined a company: Lee Voirien Production, where she performed as a nun in a JC Sussfeld’s play: La dernière y restera. she easily improvised during training – she got noticed for that particularity – and enjoyed the practice of acting on a theater stage more and more.
Year after year, her wish to become a professional actress became clearer so she provided herself with the means of achieving it.
Now, she lives in Paris and she continually grows in experience during vocational trainings with different specialities (improvisation, clown…). Thanks to her special size : 4 feet, she has signed as an atypical model for shooting photos. She also experienced movie sets.
Recently she was proposed to be part of a professional troupe and signed for Panope, a tragical play : Phèdre, a tragedy wich is played since 2018.
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